Wat Kokpab

Wat Kokpab is north of Luang Prabang. It is the last temple on a sting of wats starting downriver in Ban Xiengmen. Tucked above and behind to the south sits Wat Nong Sakeo. It ties into Wat Had Siew which is the next visible temple from the river, downriver of Wat Kokpab.

Wat Kokpab is stunning. It boasts ornately landscaped gardens and a peaceful setting. Orchid gardens, Buddha’s statues and decorative rock pathways lead you through the grounds. A beautiful large Buddha with a gentle smile peers down over anyone passing by the temple. Ruins of an old walking meditation room can be seen not far from the temple and up to the right is a large stupa offering a Mekong river view.

The Satu (senior monk) at this temple is well respected in the community and is known for being more disciplined. This is reflected in the continuous upkeep and landscaping that continues to aesthetically enhance the grounds of Wat Kokpab. Always a lovely stop for a stroll.

Helpful Information

North of Luang Prabang: 10m upriver.

Wat Kokpab stairs.

Exploration & sightseeing of Wat Kokpab.

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