Wat Chomphet

Wat Chomphet is located across the river from Luang Prabang. Built in 1888 and perched above Ban Xiengmen. The view from Wat Chomphet offers stunning panoramic views of the peninsula and surrounding hills. From the river, it is a prominent local landmark visible from several kilometers away.

The temple itself is quite modest and hasn’t always received a lot of up keep. With often only one monk and a few novice (maybe) staying at the temple. However, recent months have seen some improvements to help restore the property. The interior ceiling is decorated with gold-leaf stenciling depicting mice, bees, peacocks, birds, rabbits and other animals. Standing at the top of the stairs are two stupas said to house the ashes of a kings’ wives.

There are about 120 stairs up to Wat Chomphet. They start at the north end of the cobble stone road leading through Ban Xiengmen. This where the road turns to dirt. If you keep going straight about 300m on the dirt path and across a small bridge you come to Wat Longkhoun. Past Wat Longkhoun a short distance further you reach Wat Sack Kalin and Tham (cave) Sack Kalin. Heading into the village down the cobble stone leads to Wat Xiengmen.

Wat Chomphet Activities

  • Walk up to Chomphet temple for panoramic views of Luang Prabang – 10min walk up the
    steps, depending on your pace.
  • Exploration and sightseeing of Wat Chomphet.
    Entrance fee: 10,000 kip.

Across from Luang Prabang.

Dock Location/Village

Ban Xiengmen, Chomphet District

Hour of Operation

Dawn till dusk daily

Cruising Time

Across the Mekong: 5min


Local public/temple toilets.