About Bounmi

Cruising the Mekong since 2015

Bounmi is a small team of Mekong river specialists who have built a reputation for delivering exceptional Mekong river experiences. We are happily located in the quaint UNESCO heritage town of Luang Prabang and specialize in private cruises and authentic local experiences.

Bounmi came to life in the autumn of 2015 with the launch of our first custom slow boat and signature-style cruises. Every one of our cruises is customized in its own way and unique from the rest. The combination of our custom boats, personalized cruise services, and expert local insights into the river, wins us rave reviews from delighted customers.

Over the past few years we have continued to learn and grow our brand to better serve our guests. In 2018, we replaced our first boat with Nava Song, our new custom 20-meter traditional slow boat. In addition, we built a new 18-meter custom river boat for a little fun. Welcome to the fleet Nava Noi! And in 2019 we welcomed Nava Thip to our fleet, a beautiful 45-meter traditional slow boat, carefully hand-crafted and designed for cruising the Mekong.

Our passion for being on the river never fades. We believe everyone should experience being on the Mekong river at least once when visiting Luang Prabang, whether it be on a custom boat, traditional boat, fishing boat…whatever floats your boat really! From visiting popular sites to stepping off the beaten track, there are so many great ways to explore the Mekong and we aim to make these experiences accessible to everyone.

The Mekong is our home, our haven, our happy place. We love sharing the Mekong’s magic and secrets with others, creating memorable Mekong moments with our guests, family and friends. We would love to show you around our home, and look forward to hosting you on your Mekong adventure.

Our Crew

A Team of Mekong River Specialists

Managing Director

Adele arrived in Luang Prabang in 2013, where she first laid eyes on the mighty Mekong and fell in love with river life and Laos culture. With her extensive background in the hospitality and tourism industries plus her natural love of being on the water, it was only a matter of time before Adele was cruising the river on slow boats and submerged into local life on the Mekong. Adele loves sharing her local knowledge and insight, and helping to create magical Mekong moments for all guests, friends, and family.

Adele is the managing director of Bounmi cruises, based in Luang Prabang. Originally hailing from Canada, she has spent over 18 years living abroad, 9 of those as a child growing up in South East Asia. Adele has always had an affinity with water, having taught professional scuba diving, in-water guiding with humpbacks whales, operating tenders, managing boats, working on yachts and playing with the odd pod of dolphins (of course). Before moving to Laos, the ocean was her life, and the water her office.

“When I am on the water I am in my happy place.”

Licensed Local Guides & Drivers 

On many of our cruises, guests will be accompanied by an expert boat captain, licensed guides, and assisted by our local support crew. All the people we work with have been carefully chosen for their professionalism, cultural knowledge, and fun characters! We are grateful for their dedication in helping us to deliver amazing Mekong experiences, and will continue to expand our team and local network to create more authentic Luang Prabang experiences for you.

Responsible Travel & Eco-Tourism

Laos is leading the way for eco-tourism in South East Asia and Bounmi is proud to be a part of this movement. We work with local individuals and communities to provide our guests with a variety of authentic experiences, and help alleviate poverty with community-based tourism. We also strive to build sustainable tourism models that help support our local communities.