Casual Luxury on the Mekong

Explore the mighty Mekong on one of our handcrafted traditional Lao boats. Each boat has been personally designed and custom-made for your cruising comfort. We’ve taken care of the details to provide you with a casually luxurious cruising experience.

Every Bounmi boat was locally built with fine Lao craftsmanship. From our 18m river boat (Nava Noi), to cozy and comfy Nava Song, to our 45m grand beauty, Nava Thip, each boat has her own unique personality. Whether you’re looking for a private family day out on the river, or an adventurous overnight cruise experience, each boat is equipped to take you on different adventures along the Mekong.


18 Metres

Bounmi’s newest addition was built in 2019.  This custom Lao river boat was handcrafted locally, and specially designed by Bounmi for local style adventures and cruises.

Nava Noi has what you need for a great local adventure. Want the wind in your hair and sun on your face? Head to the open-air seating at the front of the boat. To cool down from the heat, pick a shaded bench in the middle of the boat. Feel free to enjoy some music on our portable music system.

As part of the authentic local experience, Nava Noi does not come with bathroom facilities on-board. Guests must be ok with going “o-natural” or depend on local hospitality (not hard to find) along the way. On Nava Noi, we try to do it as the locals do!

Pictures coming soon.

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