Kuang Si Waterfalls

Cruising to Kuang Si Waterfalls

Kuang Si waterfalls are located south of Luang Prabang and can be visited by land or boat. With the majority of visitors choose to visit Kuang Si by land, and Pak Ou caves located in the north and only accessible by boat, this leaves cruising south the less traveled path. Guest’s traveling to Kuang Si by boat will disembark in Ban Sing or Ban Muang Khay where transportation will be waiting to take you onward.

Kuang Si Waterfalls

The largest and most breath-taking of Luang Prabang’s waterfalls Tad Kuang Si boasts an impressive three tiers of falls. Culminating in a sensational 50-meter cascade before spilling into a series of mineral-rich turquoise pools. Pathways lead up through the shaded forest alongside the pools’ edges to reach a wooden bridge where the falls can be enjoyed in all their splendor.

If considering a moderate trek to the very top of the falls, there is a trail to take you there. Visitors can trek up to the top and return via the same way or loop around down a slightly steeper trail coming out on the other side of the waterfall. Altogether, the trek can take about an hour round-trip depending on your pace.

The water in Kuang Si’s shallow pools remains cool throughout the year. This makes it a popular swimming spot for locals and tourists alike, especially in the summer months when escaping the heat becomes a priority. Designated swimming areas are marked with change rooms nearby.

Helpful Information

To Ban Sing

Departing from Luang Prabang: 1hr downriver.

Returning to Luang Prabang: 1hr 30m upriver.

Additional time to Ban Muang Khay

Downriver: 20m

Upriver: 35m

Ban Sing – 11km from Kuang Si.

Ban Muang Khay – 7km from Kuang Si.

Dock location depends on the boat, captain and time schedule.

Land transportation is organized prior to arriving in either Ban Sing or Ban Muang Khay. Local drivers are not waiting to pick up visitors at these locations, given both locations are off the main road and inland slightly.

Sightseeing & visit Free the Bears.

Trek to the top of the waterfalls. Approx. 1hr return.

Swim in refreshing turquoise pools.

Local restaurants and toilets outside the entrance and inside the park.

Change rooms available inside the park near designated swimming areas.

Everyday: 8:00am – 5:30pm

Carpe Diem Restaurant

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