Get Off The Beaten Track

Get off the beaten track! Ban Saleuan is a charming local riverside community where time slows down and the warm and friendly atmosphere of the villagers will make you feel right at home.

Ms. Phai is a gracious host and whips up delicious Lao dishes in her modest and hygienically friendly kitchen. Whilst she may not speak English, she will most certainly shower you with the warmest hospitality while you are the guests in her home. And…if you are up for it, take a short trek through the village rice fields and into teak forest before arriving at Tam Pha Dao, Ban Saleuan’s small, local cave.

Bounmi works with a select number of exceptional locals and we are grateful to have forged a deep friendship with Ms Phai and the local villagers of Ban Saleuan.

Nava Song

20m Custom Traditional Slow Boat

7 Guests

Village Lunch & Trek


Village Lunch & Trek

Nava Thip

45m Custom Traditional Slow Boat

20 Guests

Village Lunch & Trek


What to Expect


Your English-speaking guide and driver will meet you at your hotel for transfer to the boat.


Meet your captain at the dock. Depart Luang Prabang and enjoy the 1-hour cruise down river to Ban Saleuan.


Arrive in the village of Ban Saleuan and head up to meet your lunch host, Ms. Phai, a local and long-time friend of Bounmi’s. Make your selves at home and enjoy a delicious lunch prepared with fresh ingredients often grown in the village. After lunch, guests can choose to work off the calories with a trek to Tam Pha Dao cave or simply hang back, relax, and take in more of village life.


Say good-bye to your hosts and Ban Saleuan Village. Depart for the 1.5-hour scenic cruise up river to Luang Prabang.


Arrive back at Luang Prabang. Transportation will be ready to take you back to your hotel.


Additional Information

Provisioning & Meal Services

Nava Song ~ 20m Custom Slow Boat 

Complimentary: Traditional Lao snacks, chilled beer Lao, soft drinks, & water.

Meal Services: Village lunch in Ban Saleuan.

Onboard: Traditional Lao cushions, bamboo tables, bean bags, glassware, serving dishes, wine & ice buckets, trays, coolers & Bluetooth speaker.

Bathrooms: 1

Safety Equipped: Yes

Nava Thip ~ 45m Custom Traditional Slow Boat 

Complimentary: Traditional Lao snacks, chilled beer Lao, soft drinks, water, tea & coffee.

Meal Services: Village lunch in Ban Saleuan.

Bar Services: Open area with bar tops & stool seating. Bar menu available.

Day Beds: 4

Lounge Areas: 2

Dining Area: 1

Bathrooms: 2

Music System & Karaoke: Yes

Onboard Cooking Facilities: Yes

Safety Equipped: Yes

Water Filtration: Yes

Solar: Yes

Lunch & Beverage Services

Village Lunch with Ms. Phai

Delight in a village lunch with Ms. Phai and you won’t be disappointed. Ms. Phai is a fantastic host whilst her lunches are delicious and often prepared with fresh organic produce from the village. Yum!

Wine & Champagne

Enjoy a selection of wine & champagne by the bottle. Provisioning upon request.

Bar Menu (Nava Thip Only)

Beer Lao & Heineken, house wine by the glass, Torresella Prosecco (by the bottle), cocktails, spirits, coffee drinks, mocktails, & juice. Provisioning upon request (Nava Song).

Tam Pha Dao (Local Cave)

The trek to Tam Pha Dao, Ban Saleuan’s small, local cave, is approximately 1-hour, depending on everyone’s pace. The trail leads behind the village through rice fields and teak forest and involves a steep but manageable climb up to the cave entrance. The local kids are great guides to have along for some added fun and laughter! If you don’t feel like trekking, you can also choose to hang back, relax, and take in more of village life.

The Crew

Lunch Host – Ms. Phai

Ms. Phai has been a long-time friend of Bounmi’s and we absolutely love her! Whilst she may not speak English, she will most certainly show you the warmest hospitality while you are guests in her home – a universal gesture which transcends a common language.

Licensed English-Speaking Tour Guide or Bounmi Host

Our guides & hosts have been carefully chosen for their professionalism, cultural knowledge, and fun characters!

Professional Boat Captain

Bounmi’s captains are local experts on the river and safety conscious.

Departure Times & Meeting Points

Departure Time

Departure time is flexible and dependent on what time guests would like to have lunch. Suggested departures times arranged for the hours between 0930AM and 1200PM.

Meeting the Boat

We offer transfers to and from the boat and will pick you up directly at your hotel. Within city limits.

If you would like to make your own way to the boat, dock confirmation will be provided at the time of your booking.

What’s Included/Not Included


Private custom slow boat & professional captain.

Transportation to and from the boat (hotel pick-up within city limits).

English-speaking tour guide or Bounmi host.

Local village lunch.

Chilled beer Lao, soft drinks, & water.

Lao tea & coffee (Nava Thip only).

Traditional Lao snacks.

Onboard music system.

Karaoke (Nava Thip only).

Not Included

Cocktails, spirits, mocktails, & juice.

Wine & champagne.

Personal insurance.

Crew gratuities.

Please let us know should you have any special requests.

What To Bring

What to Bring

Suitable footwear and clothing for the appropriate seasons. Mornings and evenings can be cool during the winter months.

Please ensure you are dressed appropriately and respectfully if wishing to visit the temple in Ban Saleuan. Ladies should have their shoulders and knees covered. Men should also have their shoulders covered but knee shorts are acceptable.

Sun protection and bug spray.

Things To Consider

Visiting Local Sites of Interest

When visiting local villages and temples along the Mekong river, do be aware that oftentimes there are no paved pathways and you’re usually met with uneven ground and stairways. We ask each of our guests to please be aware of your own fitness level and to take this into consideration on your tour.

Cultural Considerations

It is polite to remove your shoes before entering any temple or local Lao home. Your feet should never be used for pointing, especially in the direction of a monk or novice. One should not stand directly above or pass over top another person’s head, especially a monk and/or elder. In general, it is best not to touch another person’s head if you don’t know them. Children included.

Responsible Tourism

We kindly ask our guests not to hand out money to children in the villages they visit. Should you wish to support any of the villages or temples that you come across, please let us know and we’ll be happy to advise on how to do that responsibly.

Seasons & Temperatures

Dry season is between Nov-Apr with average temperatures of 27°C. Rainy season is between May-Oct with average temperatures of 32°C.

Cruise Rates

Price per Adult
Price per Child
  • Prices are in US Dollars.
  • Free – Infants 3 years and under.