Bounmi Noi

17m Custom Fishing Boat

6 Guests

Tour Capacity

4hr - 8hr

Local Mekong Fishing Experience


The Mekong is a mighty river that runs through Laos and forms much of the country’s border with Thailand and Myanmar. It is a vital part of life in Laos, and has been a lifeline for the populations that live on its shores, providing a means of transportation, trade, and a rich source of food.

With fish being in bountiful supply, fishing is practiced by almost everyone who has convenient access to the Mekong’s waters and it is an integral part of everyday life in Laos. Step into the sandals of local Laotian fishermen and experience using some traditional fishing techniques out on the Mekong.

On this tour, you’ll be guided by local boat captains who have grown up on the Mekong and are experts on the river. There are a variety of fishing techniques that local fishermen use that you can try, from casting nets, to long nets, to traditional fishing rods, to fishing lines. The type of technique used depends on the seasons and flow of the rivers. Learn about these different traditional fishing methods and try your hand at catching some fish – Laos style. Be ready to get wet as you may be knee-deep (or even chest-deep) in water casting nets out into the river. On this Mekong Fishing experience, you’ll get to spend a few casual hours on the river in local Laos style, surrounded by amazing scenery, relaxing amongst friends and having fun with some fishing.

Bounmi works with a select number of exceptional locals to provide you with a variety of authentic Luang Prabang tour experiences. We develop close relationships with the people we work with and are excited to be able to expand on the types of authentic local experiences we offer to visitors


Choice of Tour Duration

4 hours up to 8 hours

Choose how long you would like to spend on the Mekong.

Optional Tour Add-Ons

Optional Lunch

Let us know if you would like to enjoy a delicious local lunch on your cruise. Please ask to see our menu & pricing.

Specialty Cakes

Available upon request. Please ask to see our menu & pricing.

Wine & Champagne

Available upon request. Please ask to see our menu & pricing.

Expat Tour Host & Bounmi Managing Director – Adele

If you would like to enjoy a little expat insight and hospitality. Adele would be happy to join you. See pricing.

Note: On this Local Fishing Experience guests will be accompanied by an English-speaking tour guide (included in your cruise).

The Crew

Licensed English-Speaking Tour Guide

Our guides have been carefully chosen for their professionalism, cultural knowledge, and fun characters!

Professional Boat Captain

Bounmi’s captain’s are local experts on the river and safety conscious.

(Optional: Expat Tour Host)

Departure Times & Meeting Points

Departure Time

Departure time is flexible and dependent on the season, river conditions and sunset times. Kindly inquire upon booking.

Meeting the Boat

We offer transfers to and from the boat and will pick you up directly at your hotel. Within city limits.

If you would like to make your own way to the boat, the confirmation of dock will be provided at the time of your booking.

If staying within walking distance of the Mekong, we ask that you meet us on the Mekong. We will provide the location to the most convenient dock in relation to your hotel.

What’s Included/Not Included


Transportation to and from the boat (hotel pick-up). Within city limits.

English-speaking tour guide.

Fishing equipment.

Chilled non-alcoholic beverages & water.

Traditional Lao snacks.

Portable music system.

Not Included

Expat tour host (optional).

Food & alcohol (optional).

Personal insurance.

Crew gratuities.

What To Bring

What to Bring

Suitable footwear and clothing for the appropriate seasons. Mornings and evenings can be cool during the winter months.

Sun protection and bug spray.

Swimming gear and towel for the beach.

Please ensure you are dressed appropriately and respectfully for visiting any religious sites in Laos.

Ladies should have their shoulders and knees covered. Men should also have their shoulders covered but knee shorts are acceptable.

Things To Consider

Fishing Experience

You’ll most likely get wet so you may want to consider bringing a change of fresh clothes.

Cruising Time

Varies between 15 – 45 mins from Luang Prabang.

Water Level & Beach Access

The Mekong river is home to some fantastic sandy beach shores and small islands that pop up when the river’s water level drops. Accessing beach areas depends strongly on the season and water level of the Mekong.

NOTE: The Mekong river has changed and continues to be affected with all the new dam construction. Many construction projections are underway on tributary rivers coming into the Mekong and the Mekong itself. Consequently, the river level is not natural anymore and does not flow as it used to. Therefore, we can not always guaranteed beaches and one must be aware of these considerations.

Visiting Local Sites of Interest

When visiting local villages and temples along the Mekong river, do be aware that oftentimes there are no paved pathways and you’re usually met with uneven ground and stairways. We ask each of our guests to please be aware of your own fitness level and to take this into consideration on your tour.

Cultural Considerations

Please ensure you are dressed appropriately and respectfully for entering any religious site in Laos. Villages have their own local temples, so kindly take note of this if you wish to pay them a visit.

Ladies should have their shoulders and knees covered. Men should also have their shoulders covered but knee shorts are acceptable.

Responsible Tourism

We kindly ask our guests not to hand out money to children in the villages they visit. Should you wish to support any of the villages or temples that you come across, please let us know and we’ll be happy to advise on how to do that responsibly.

Seasons & Temperatures

Dry season is between Nov – Apr with average temperatures of 27°C. Rainy season is between May – Oct with average temperatures of 32°C.


Price per Adult
Price per Adolescent
Price per Child
  • Prices are in US Dollars.
  • Prices are per person.
  • Free – Infants 3 years and under.