Tailor-Made For You

Experience one of Luang Prabang’s biggest attractions and neighboring sites on this Kuang Si cruise and tour. On your way to the main waterfalls, you’ll have the option to explore other interesting pockets in the area, such as having an authentic Lao lunch in the village of Ban Saleuan, visit the Kuang Si Butterfly Park, stop for lunch at Carpe Diem, tour Lao Buffalo Dairy Farm, visit smaller Tad Keo waterfalls or take a “Behind the Scene” tour at the Bear Rescue Centre. Let us create a tailored cruise and tour for your days’ explorations in and around Kuang Si.

Nava Song

20m Custom Slow Boat

7 Guests

Kuang Si Waterfalls

8 hr

Kuang Si Waterfalls

Nava Thip

45m Custom Slow Boat

40 Guests

Kuang Si Waterfalls


What To Expect


Your English-speaking guide and driver will meet you at your hotel for transfer to the boat.


Meet your captain at the docks. Depart Luang Prabang and enjoy the 1-hour cruise downriver to the pier.


On arrival to Ban Sing or Ban Muang Khay, land transportation will be waiting to take you to your next destination.


Spend your day according to your tailor-made Kuang Si itinerary and go with the flow.


Depart from the pier and begin the 1.5-hour peaceful cruise upriver to Luang Prabang. 


Arrive back at Luang Prabang. Transportation will be waiting to take you back to your hotel.


Additional Information

Boat Options & Information

Nava Thip ~ 45m Custom Traditional Slow Boat 

Complimentary: Traditional Lao snacks, chilled beer Lao, soft drinks, water, tea & coffee (onboard).

Meal Services: Meal provide on tour. See Lunch Options. 

Bar Services: Open area with bar tops & stool seating. Bar menu available.

Day Beds: 4

Lounge Areas: 2

Dining Area: 1

Bathrooms: 2

Music System & Karaoke: Yes

Onboard Cooking Facilities: Yes

Safety Equipped: Yes

Water Filtration: Yes

Solar Power: Yes

Nava Song ~ 20m Custom Slow Boat 

Complimentary: Traditional Lao snacks, chilled beer Lao, soft drinks, & water (onboard).

Meal Services: Meal provide on tour. See Lunch Options. 

Onboard Provisions: Traditional Lao cushions, bamboo tables, bean bags, glassware, serving dishes, wine & ice buckets, trays, coolers & Bluetooth speaker.

Bathroom: 1

Safety Equipped: Yes

Lunch Options

Traditional Lao lunch in Ban Saleuan with Ms. Phai or lunch in and around Kuang Si waterfalls is included on the tour. 

Ban Saleuan Village Lunch with Ms. Phai

Savor an authentic Lao lunch prepared with deliciously fresh ingredients, cooked by Ms. Phai herself. She whips up delicious Lao dishes in her modest kitchen for visitors. Whilst she may not speak English, she will most certainly shower you with the warmest hospitality while you are the guests in her home – a universal gesture that transcends a common language.

Note: If you plan on enjoying lunch with Ms. Phai this should be arranged before or after Kuang Si activities. Ban Saleuan is on the Mekong and not in the Kuang Si area. Suggested time: Approx. 1hr.

Traditional Lao Lunch around Kuang Si Waterfalls

Enjoy a local lunch in and around Kuang Si Waterfalls.

If you would like more options please see below. Please note a small surcharge may apply depending on your selection.

Lunch at the Butterfly Park Café

Enjoy a light lunch with delicious baguettes and coffee at this charming café on the beautiful grounds of the Kuang Si Butterfly Park.

Lunch at Lao Buffalo Dairy

Delight in one of Buffalo Dairy’s cheese tasting plates or picnic lunches. All made fresh on-site, including the ice cream. A must try!

Lunch at Carpe Diem Restaurant

Enjoy a delicious lunch surrounded by nature and waterfalls. Choose from one of Carpe Diem’s set lunch menus – Lao, Western, or Vegetarian.

Beverage Services

Wine & Champagne

Enjoy a selection of wine & champagne by the bottle. Provisioning upon request.

Bar Menu (Nava Thip Only)

Import & local beer Lao, house wine by the glass, Torresella Prosecco (by the bottle), cocktails, spirits, coffee drinks & juice. Provisioning upon request Nava Song or Nava Noi.

Activities at Kuang Si Waterfalls

Kuang Si Waterfalls

The largest and most breath-taking of Luang Prabang’s waterfalls, Tad Kuang Si. The water in Kuang Si’s shallow pools remains cool throughout the year and is a popular swimming spot for locals and tourists alike – especially in summer when you need an escape from the scorching heat!

Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre

After entering the waterfalls, Tad Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre also known as “Free the Bears sanctuary” is only a short walk away. FTB provides a home to over 50 Asiatic Black Bears. It is worth noting that this sanctuary does not receive any money from the park entrance fees, thus any support in the way of a donation or purchase of their merchandise, helps them maintain the rescue center.

Swimming at Kuang Si Waterfalls

Enjoy a refreshing dip in the turquoise blue waters of Tad Kuang Si. Change rooms located near the swimming areas.

Trek to the top of Kuang Si Waterfalls

You may choose to trek up to the top of the Kuang Si Waterfalls and visit the peaceful oasis that lies at its peak. Approximate time: 45m – 1-hour return. Depending on your pace.

Lao Buffalo Dairy & Butterfly Park

Via land and en route to Kuang Si Waterfalls lies Butterfly Park and Lao Buffalo Dairy. We included a stop at one of these sites so do let us know which attraction you would like to have on your tour. If you would like to stop at both, just let us know.

Lao Buffalo Dairy Farm – Tour #1

Located 7km from Kuang Si Waterfalls, you’ll find Lao’s first Buffalo Dairy Farm. This new socially-responsible enterprise is pioneering a brand-new industry in Laos – sustainable cheese. Run by a group of expatriates who now call Luang Prabang home, they started a commercial dairy and production facility to produce yoghurt, cheese, and ice cream for local and overseas consumption – staples that were part of their diet that was hard to find in Laos.

Kuang Si Butterfly Park

The Kuang Si Butterfly Park is one of Luang Prabang’s top eco-attractions. Located near the entrance of the Kuang Si Waterfalls, the Butterfly Park aims to raise awareness about the vulnerability of Laos’ ecosystem and educate visitors about the value of preservation of local nature and wildlife. Visitors are encouraged to wander through their landscaped rock gardens and learn about many varieties of butterflies and tropical plants that are on display.

The Crew

Licensed English-Speaking Tour Guide

Bounmi’s guides have been carefully chosen for their professionalism, cultural knowledge, and fun characters!

Professional Boat Captain

Bounmi’s captains are local experts on the river and safety conscious.

Departure Times & Meeting Points

Departure Time

Departure time is flexible and can be arranged for the hours between 0800AM and 1100PM depending on the season and availability.

Meeting the Boat

We offer transfers to and from the boat and will pick you up directly at your hotel. Within city limits.

If you would like to make your way to the boat, dock confirmation will be provided at the time of your booking.

What’s Included/Not Included

Nava Thip & Nava Song


Private custom slow boat & professional captain.

Transportation to and from the boat (hotel pick-up within city limits).

English-speaking tour guide.

Land transportation at Kuang Si.

Entrance fees to Kuang Si waterfalls.

Entrance fees to Butterfly Park or Buffalo Dairy Farm-Tour#1.

Lunch as per itinerary choice.

Chilled beer Lao, soft drinks, and water (onboard).

Lao tea & coffee (Nava Thip only).

Traditional Lao snacks (onboard).

Onboard music system.

Karaoke (Nava Thip only).

Not Included

Towels for swimming.

Cocktails, spirits & juice.

Wine & champagne.

Personal insurance.

Crew gratuities.

Please let us know should you have any special requests.

What To Bring

Suitable footwear and clothing for the appropriate seasons. Mornings and evenings can be cool during the winter months.

Swimming gear and towel if swimming at the falls.

Sun protection and bug spray.

Things To Consider

Visiting Sites in the Kuang Si Area

If visiting Butterfly Park during the winter months, afternoons will be better for seeing the butterflies in action as it gives them some time to warm up for some activity.

If you’re planning on enjoying lunch with Ms. Phai, do consider what time you would like to have lunch. This should be arranged before or after Kuang Si activities. We can help you with the logistics.

When visiting local sites along the Mekong river, do be aware that oftentimes there are no paved pathways and you’re usually met with uneven ground and stairways. We ask each of our guests to please be aware of your own fitness level and to take this into consideration on your tour.

Cultural Considerations

Please ensure you are dressed appropriately and respectfully for entering any religious site in Laos. Most villages have a local temple, so kindly take note of this if you wish to visit them. Ladies should have their shoulders and knees covered. Men should also have their shoulders covered but knee shorts are acceptable.

It is polite to remove your shoes before entering any temple or local Lao home. Your feet should never be used for pointing, especially in the direction of a monk or novice. One should not stand directly above or pass over the top of another person’s head, especially a monk and/or elder. In general, it is best not to touch another person’s head if you don’t know them. Children included.

Responsible Tourism

We kindly ask our guests not to hand out money to children in the villages they visit. Should you wish to support any of the villages or temples that you come across, please let us know and we’ll be happy to advise on how to do that responsibly.

Seasons & Temperatures

The dry season is between Nov-Apr with average temperatures of 27°C. The rainy season is between May-Oct with average temperatures of 32°C.

Cruise Rates

Price per Adult
Price per Child
  • Prices are in US Dollars.
  • Free – Infants 3 years and under.