A Holistic & Mindfulness Mekong Experience

Experience a day of wellness on the Mekong

Enjoy a full day experiencing, learning about holistic wellness and being pampered with the magnificent Mekong as your setting. Discover the spiritual side of Laos on this unique Bounmi cruise experience.

This tour starts from the ancient capital of Luang Prabang, where a traditional Lao slow boat will be waiting to take you on a journey through the Mekong’s magical waters. You’ll get a glimpse of authentic Laotian life as you cruise past the shoreline of Ban Xiengmen where many generations have made their living on the Mekong river, and who will greet you with heart-warming smiles. Your cruise will make a stop at Wat Had Siew where your tour continues on land at this beautiful Buddhist Lao temple. Here, with Ms. Korn to guide you, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the custom of alms-giving and learn about the spiritual connection that exists between the monastic communities and local folk. As we travel down the Mekong to our next destination, meditation discussions and practice will take place on-board the slow boat with Ms. Korn, an esteemed meditation practitioner and teacher who is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience.

As noon approaches, you’ll arrive at Mekong Eden Farm where its founder, Mr. Om, will be present to welcome you personally onto this sustainable organic farm. Ms. Korn will guide you in a Mindfulness Eating session as you enjoy a delicious organic lunch with organic teas, all prepared by MEF using fresh ingredients from their gardens. Learn about the food you are eating whilst surrounded by the amazing Mekong scenery and natural landscapes. After lunch, you can relax and recharge in the hands of trained mindfulness therapists as they deliver spa treatments on the beach or in the gardens. There will be an hour of reflection time as we cruise back to the main city of Luang Prabang.

This Holistic & Mindfulness Mekong tour was crafted with care and made possible with the rich knowledge, close relationships and personal friendships we’ve created with Laotian natives, local communities, and the mighty Mekong herself.

Nava Song

20m Custom Slow Boat

4 Guests

Cruise Capacity

Private 7hr

Holistic & Mindfulness Mekong

A Holistic & Mindfulness Mekong Experience

Additional Information

Your Choice of Alms

Each person should select their own type of donation from the list below (included in your package):

Basic Living – One should never be in need of the basics to live. This form of donation could include items such as food, water, gloves, blankets, soaps, personal hygiene products etc.

Health – This form of donation promotes general health. Items include medicines, fruits, health supplements, healthy drinks, super food, medicinal plants, herbs, fruit trees etc.

Purpose – This form of donation promotes purpose and achievements of long-term initiatives that are important to the community. Items could include building supplies, water systems, meditation halls, temple restorations etc.

Spiritual – This form of donation promotes the spirituality in individuals. Items could include flowers, candles, clothing for monks, Buddha statues, Buddhist drums, meditation cushions, chant books etc.

Should you wish to support the temple further with additional donations, please let us know.

Your Choice of Meditation Practice

Select one meditation practice per group from the list below:

Body Scan Meditation – This form of meditation practice helps you develop awareness of your bodily sensations, allowing you to identify areas of tension and to relieve them. This practice promotes a general feeling of calm and relaxation, helping you reduce stress, improve well-being, and relieving bodily aches and pains.

Sitting Meditation – A form of meditation practice that cultivates mindfulness through mindful sitting. You would find a reasonably comfortable and erect posture to sit in for 40-60 minutes and stay as still as possible in this position. While sitting, the objective is to watch the rise and fall of your belly as you breathe in and out, being highly aware and conscious of the movements of your body.

Breath of Fire Meditation – This is a form of Pranayama, a breathing practice used to stimulate Kundalini (energy and consciousness) and increase Prana (vital life force). This intense breathing practice requires you to take consecutive quick, short breaths and should be attempted with some care, especially with pregnant women, vertigo sufferers, and people with high blood pressure. The benefits of Breath of Fire practice include calming effects, detox, pain relief, core strengthening and emotional release.

Loving Kindness Meditation – Also known as Metta meditation, this practice stems from Buddhist traditions. The purpose of this meditation is to cultivate unconditional love and kindness towards all things, starting by the loving and acceptance of yourself, and then extending that to include all others, including your enemies.

Your Choice of Spa Treatments

Select one spa treatment per person from the list below:

Traditional Lao Massage – This rhythmic oil-free treatment is performed over loose comfortable clothing and uses a gentle series of stretches that open the body up for enhanced mobility.

Upper Back & Head Massage – This treatment is helpful for most tension and muscular aches in the shoulder and back. One feels energized, at the same time enjoying a sense of peace and relaxation.

Asian Foot Massage – Based on principles of Eastern philosophy, this relaxing and soothing massage uses gentle to firm pressure techniques that concentrate on harmonizing the physical state of the body with the balance of the mind. It also assists in the release of stress and tension in joints.

Mekong Eden Lunch Menu

Organic Lunch Menu at Mekong Eden Farm

Mekong Eden Farm’s lunch menus are forever changing with the seasons depending on what’s growing in their gardens. Menu options will be provided at time of booking.

Mekong Eden Farm offers Lao traditional cuisine mixed with fusion recipes.

Zero MSG

The Crew

Bounmi Managing Director – Adele

This experience was designed by Adele and only made possible through the collaboration of a selective number of exceptional specialists.  We hope you enjoy an exceptional experience of mindfulness culture and spa pampering on the Mekong!

Meditation & Spiritual Specialist – Ms. Korn

The meditation sessions on this tour will be led by Ms. Korn (Kornkanok Sriwan) who has over 15 years of training and teaching experience in the art of meditation. Born in Thailand, Ms. Korn has been practicing Vipassana Meditation throughout her life. She is certified by London Meditation UK in the fields of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Awareness Coaching Foundation Training (ACFT). She is also a member of the London Vedic Meditation Centre, Soto Zen Buddhist Meditation, the British Meditation Society, and London Insight Meditation (Vipassana). Bringing awareness of Eastern spiritual teaching to Western students has been the focus of her career and she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and passion to help others perceive the benefits that can be achieved for both the body and mind through Buddhist meditation practices

Mekong Eden Farm Founder – Mr. Om & Staff

Mr. Om Phonepasith started Mekong Eden Farm in 2017 as a social enterprise. He is also the founder of “ALaCi”, the Agroecology Learning &  Agribusiness Cooperation Initiative, focused on promoting ecological farming models and agro-ecology education to achieve sustainability within local communities. Secluded and accessible only by boat, Mekong Eden Farm is a sustainable organic farm that welcomes visitors to savour different healthy organic recipes that are rich in flavour.

Professional Massage Therapists

Offering unique massages and beneficial treatments, based on knowledge, experience, and the admiration of the Lao culture! Enjoy ultimate relaxation and authentic experience from a mindfulness therapist.

Professional Boat Captain

Bounmi’s captains are local experts on the river and safety conscious.

Departure Times & Meeting Points

Departure Time

Departure time is flexible and can be arranged for the hours between 0830 AM and 1000AM.

Meeting the Boat

We offer transfers to and from the boat and will pick you up directly at your hotel. Within city limits.

If you would like to make your own way to the boat, confirmation of dock will be provided at the time of your booking.

If staying within walking distance of the Mekong, we ask that you meet us on the Mekong. We will provide the location to the most convenient dock in relation to your hotel.

What’s Included/Not Included


Private custom slow boat & professional captain.

Transportation to and from the boat (hotel pick-up within city limits).

Bounmi Managing Director – Adele.

Meditation & Spiritual Specialist – Ms. Korn.

Donation & flowering offering to Wat Had Siew temple.

Pha Biang (scarf) for temple.

Alms-giving practice.

Mindfulness meditation session (on-board).

Mekong Eden Farm Founder – Mr. Om & Staff.

Organic lunch at Mekong Eden Farm.

Professional massage therapists & spa treatment.

Non-alcoholic beverages, herbal teas & water.

Traditional Lao snacks.

On-board music system.

Not Included

Personal insurance.

Crew gratuities.

What To Bring

What to Bring

Please ensure you are dressed appropriately and respectfully for entering Wat Had Siew.

Ladies should have their shoulders and knees covered. Men should also have their shoulders covered but knee shorts are acceptable.

Suitable footwear and clothing for the appropriate seasons. Mornings and evenings can be cool during the winter months.

Sun protection and bug spray.

Things To Consider

Cultural Considerations

Please ensure you are dressed appropriately and respectfully for entering any religious site in Laos. Villages have their own local temples, so kindly take note of this if you wish to pay them a visit.

Ladies should have their shoulders and knees covered. Men should also have their shoulders covered but knee shorts are acceptable.

It is polite to remove your shoes before entering any temple or local Lao home. Note: Your feet should never be used for pointing, especially in the direction of a monk or novice. It is also impolite to step over or through people sitting down.

When at temple and in the presence of a monk and/or elder, one should consider their body and head position, in relation to the monk(s) or elder(s) in the room. One should not stand directly above or pass over top another person’s head, especially a monk and/or elder. In general, it is best not to touch another person’s head if you don’t know them. Children included.

Visiting Local Sites of Interest

When visiting local villages and temples along the Mekong river, do be aware that oftentimes there are no paved pathways and you’re usually met with uneven ground and stairways. We ask each of our guests to please be aware of your own fitness level and to take this into consideration on your tour.

Responsible Tourism

We kindly ask our guests not to hand out money to children in the villages they visit. Should you wish to support any of the villages or temples that you come across, please let us know and we’ll be happy to advise on how to do that responsibly.

Seasons & Temperatures

Dry season is between Nov – Apr with average temperatures of 27°C. Rainy season is between May – Oct with average temperatures of 32°C.

Cruise Rates

Price per Adult
Price per Child
  • Prices are in US Dollars.
  • Free – Infants 3 years and under.

A Holistic & Mindfulness Mekong Experience

What to Expect


Meet your English-speaking tour host (Adele) and your boat captain at the docks.


Your host will give you an introduction to the day as you cruise on the Mekong towards Wat Had Siew temple. Learn about the connection of the Mekong river to the spirituality and culture of Laos.


Arrive at Wat Had Siew and meet Ms. Korn, a devout Buddhist and Meditation and Wellness Specialist who will be leading the almsgiving.


You’ll proceed to alms-giving. You will be given a traditional Lao scarf (Pha Biang) to wear during the alms offering ceremony. This covers the left shoulder as a sign of respect to the Satthu, novice, and temple.


As the slow boat cruises along the Mekong to your next destination, you’ll participate in meditation discussions and practice on-board.


Meet the founder of Mekong Eden Farm, Mr. Om, as he greets you upon your arrival and shares a bit about what they do on your garden tour.


Enjoy an organic lunch made with fresh herbs and produce from Mekong Eden Farm’s sustainable organic gardens as you are guided by Ms. Korn on mindfulness eating.


Experience a traditional Lao massage of your choosing (clothes-on) on the beach or in the gardens depending on the time of year. Relax and recharge in the hands of an experienced mindfulness therapist.


After your massage, sit and relax with a fresh herbal tea before departing this little organic oasis.


We start the 1-hour journey back to Luang Prabang. Use this time for personal reflections, any Q&As or just sit back and relax as you cruise down the Mekong once again. Refreshments and light snacks will be provided.


The tour is now concluded. Transportation will be provided to take you back to your hotel.