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Wellness, Mindfulness, Meditation, Organic Lunch & Spa Services

Spend a mindful day practicing holistic wellness and exploring the culture of Buddhism. An insightful experience focusing on cultural offerings & rituals, mediation, spiritual discussion with revered Satthu (Monk), along with a mindful organic lunch and professional spa services. Pamper your soul and discover the spiritual side of Laos.

This exclusive Holistic & Mindfulness experience was thoughtfully designed and made possible with the rich knowledge, close relationships, and personal friendships we’ve created with the Wats in Chomphet, the local communities, and the Mekong herself. An exceptional experience of mindfulness culture and spa pampering on the Mekong!

Nava Song

20m Custom Slow Boat

6 Guests

Spiritual & Holistic Experience

Full Day

Spiritual & Holistic Experience


What To Expect


Your driver and local transportation will meet you at your hotel for transfer to the Saynam Centre. An place to rejuvenate the mind and body.


Meet Ms. Korn, a devout Buddhist and Meditation and Wellness Specialist who will be leading your Holistic & Wellness experience. Enjoy a welcome drink and learn a little about the centre before starting you flower making workshop.   


Create your own flowering offering during this highly interactive and entertaining workshop. You will learn more about your choice of Alms-giving, Lao culture, customs & history, and traditional ways of behaving in a Buddhist country before going to the temple.


Walk down to the Mekong with your host and meet you boat captain for a short cruise to Wat Had Siew.


Arrive at Wat Had Siew and take a short informative walk around the temple grounds before sitting down for meditation and alms-giving.

You will be given a traditional Lao scarf (Pha Biang) to wear for the duration of your visit to Wat Had Siew. This covers the left shoulder as a sign of respect to the Satthu, novice, and temple. After meditation practice, Ms. Korn will lead you in giving alms before taking time for any final questions and discussion.   


Enjoy a scenic 45-minute cruise south to Mekong Eden farm for an organic and mindfulness lunch. During the cruise Ms. Korn will guide guest’s in Six Sense reflection.


Enjoy an organic lunch made with fresh herbs and produce from Mekong Eden Farm’s sustainable organic gardens as you are guided by Ms. Korn on mindfulness eating.


Say goodbye to Mekong Eden Farm and start the 1h15m journey back to Saynam Wellness centre. During the cruise Ms. Korn will guide guests in Six Sense reflection and there will be time for Q&As.


Arrive back to Saynam Centre and prepare to be pampered. Enjoy a welcome drink as your massage therapist meets with you to discuss any specific requests or heath concerns prior to your treatment.


Experience a 90-minute spa treatment of your choosing. Relax and recharge in the hands of an experienced mindfulness therapist.


After your massage, sit and relax with a fresh herbal tea while reflecting on your day and taking in the stunning scenery of the Mekong.


The tour is now concluded. Transportation will be provided to take you back to your hotel.


Additional Information

Boat Information

Nava Song ~ 20m Custom Slow Boat 

Complimentary: Traditional Lao snacks, organic herbal tea, soft drinks, juice, & water.

Meal Services: Mindful organic lunch at Mekong Eden Farm.

Onboard Provisions: Traditional Lao cushions, bamboo tables, bean bags, glassware, serving dishes, wine & ice buckets, trays, coolers & Bluetooth speaker.

Bathroom: 1

Safety Equipped: Yes

Mindful Organic Lunch

Organic Lunch Menu at Mekong Eden Farm

Mekong Eden Farm’s lunch menu is forever changing with the seasons. Meals are made fresh from the garden and contain no MSG. Learn about the food you’re eating as you are mindfully guided through your lunch experience.

Beverage Services

Organic Herbal Teas

Enjoy organic herbal tea at Saynam Wellness Center & Mekong Eden Farm.

Wine & Champagne

Enjoy a selection of wine & champagne by the bottle. Provisioning upon request.

Flower Making Workshop

Create your own flowering offering during this highly interactive and entertaining workshop. You will learn more about your choice of Alms-giving, Lao culture, customs & history, and traditional ways of behaving in a Buddhist country before going to the temple.


For this experience, each person should think about the form of donation they would like to give before participating in the interactive Flower Making Workshop. This will be explained more and you can make your final decision at that time.

Basic Living One should never be in need of the basics to live. This form of donation could include items such as food, water, gloves, blankets, soaps, personal hygiene products, etc.

Health This form of donation promotes general health. Items include medicines, fruits, health supplements, healthy drinks, superfood, medicinal plants, herbs, fruit trees, etc.

Purpose This form of donation promotes the purpose and achievements of long-term initiatives that are important to the community. Items could include building supplies, water systems, meditation halls, temple restorations, etc.

Spiritual This form of donation promotes spirituality in individuals. Items could include flowers, candles, clothing for monks, Buddha statues, Buddhist drums, meditation cushions, chant books, etc.

Guided Meditation Practice

For this experience, select one meditation practice per group from the list below.

Body Scan Meditation This form of meditation practice helps you develop an awareness of your bodily sensations, allowing you to identify areas of tension and to relieve them. This practice promotes a general feeling of calm and relaxation, helping you reduce stress, improve well-being, and relieving body aches and pains.

Sitting Meditation A form of meditation practice that cultivates mindfulness through mindful sitting. You would find a reasonably comfortable and erect posture to sit in for 40-60 minutes and stay as still as possible in this position. While sitting, the objective is to watch the rise and fall of your belly as you breathe in and out, being highly aware and conscious of the movements of your body.

Breath of Fire MeditationThis is a form of Pranayama, a breathing practice used to stimulate Kundalini (energy and consciousness) and increase Prana (vital life force). This intense breathing practice requires you to take consecutive quick, short breaths and should be attempted with some care, especially with pregnant women, vertigo sufferers, and people with high blood pressure. The benefits of Breath of Fire practice include calming effects, detox, pain relief, core strengthening, and emotional release.

Loving Kindness Meditation Also known as Metta meditation, this practice stems from Buddhist traditions. The purpose of this meditation is to cultivate unconditional love and kindness towards all things, starting by the loving and accepting of yourself, and then extending that to include all others, including your enemies.

Professional Spa Treatments

Relax in the mindful hands of internationally trained therapists from Spa Professional. Enjoy massage treatments reflecting many years of experience and admiration of the Lao culture.

For this experience, select one spa treatment per person from the list below.

Traditional Lao MassageThis rhythmic oil-free treatment is performed over loose comfortable clothing and uses a gentle series of stretches that open the body up for enhanced mobility.

Tailor-Made Oil MassageThis oil treatment is performed by individually skilled professionals and combines Western and Eastern techniques to create an intuitive treatment just for you.

Blind Therapy MassageBlind therapists are known throughout Asia for being gifted with a heightened sense of touch. This treatment is a traditional Loa dry massage performed over loose comfortable clothing.

Asian Foot MassageBased on principles of Eastern philosophy, this relaxing and soothing massage uses gentle to firm pressure techniques that concentrate on harmonizing the physical state of the body with the balance of the mind. It also assists in the release of stress and tension in joints.

The Crew

Bounmi Managing Director – Adele

This experience was designed by Adele and only made possible through the collaboration of a select number of exceptional specialists.  We hope you enjoy an exceptional experience of mindfulness culture and spa pampering on the Mekong!

Meditation & Spiritual Specialist – Ms. Korn

The meditation sessions on this tour will be led by Ms. Korn (Kornkanok Sriwan) who has over 15 years of training and teaching experience in the art of meditation. Born in Thailand, Ms. Korn has been practicing Vipassana Meditation throughout her life. She is certified by London Meditation UK in the fields of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and Awareness Coaching Foundation Training (ACFT). She is also a member of the London Vedic Meditation Centre, Soto Zen Buddhist Meditation, the British Meditation Society, and London Insight Meditation (Vipassana). Bringing awareness of Eastern spiritual teaching to Western students has been the focus of her career and she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and passion to help others perceive the benefits that can be achieved for both the body and mind through Buddhist meditation practices

Mekong Eden Farm Founder – Mr. Om & Staff

Mr. Om Phonepasith started Mekong Eden Farm in 2017 as a social enterprise. He is also the founder of “ALaCi”, the Agroecology Learning &  Agribusiness Cooperation Initiative, focused on promoting ecological farming models and agroecology education to achieve sustainability within local communities. Secluded and accessible only by boat, Mekong Eden Farm is a sustainable organic farm that welcomes visitors to savor different healthy organic recipes that are rich in flavor.

Professional Massage Therapists

Offering relaxing massages and beneficial treatments, based on knowledge, experience, and the admiration of the Lao culture! Enjoy ultimate relaxation and authentic experience from a mindful therapist.

Professional Boat Captain

Bounmi’s captains are local experts on the river and safety conscious.

Departure Times & Meeting Points

Departure Time

Hotel pick-up at 0800AM.

Hotel Transfer to Saynam Centre

We offer transfers to and from Saynam center and will pick you up directly at your hotel. Within city limits.

Meeting the Boat

The boat will meet guests at Saynam center for a cruise to Wat Had Siew & Mekong Eden Farm. The departure time from Saynam center is 0930AM.

What’s Included/Not Included

Nava Song


Private custom slow boat & professional captain.

Transportation to and from Saynam Centre (hotel pick-up within city limits).

Flower offering workshop @ Saynam Centre.

Donation offering to Wat Had Siew temple.

Pha Biang (scarf) for the temple.

Alms-giving practice.

Mindful meditation session with a Buddhist monk.

Mindful organic lunch at Mekong Eden Farm.

Professional spa treatment at Saynam Centre.

Organic herbal tea,  soft drinks, juice, & water.

Traditional Lao snacks.

Onboard Bluetooth speaker.

Not Included

Beer Lao, cocktails & spirits.

Wine & champagne.

Personal insurance.

Crew gratuities.

Please let us know should you have any special requests.

What To Bring

Please ensure you are dressed appropriately and respectfully for entering Wat Had Siew. Ladies should have their shoulders and knees covered. Men should also have their shoulders covered but knee shorts are acceptable.

Suitable footwear and clothing for the appropriate seasons. Mornings and evenings can be cool during the winter months.

Sun protection and bug spray.

Things To Consider

Visiting Local Sites of Interest

When visiting local sites and temples along the Mekong river, do be aware that oftentimes there are no paved pathways and you’re usually met with uneven ground and stairways. We ask each of our guests to please be aware of your own fitness level and to take this into consideration on your tour.

Cultural Considerations

It is polite to remove your shoes before entering any temple or local Lao home. Your feet should never be used for pointing, especially in the direction of a monk or novice. It is also impolite to step over or through people sitting down.

When at the temple and in the presence of a monk or elder, one should consider their body and head position, in relation to the monk(s) or elder(s) in the room. One should not stand directly above or pass over the top of another person’s head, especially a monk or elder. In general, it is best not to touch another person’s head if you don’t know them. Children included.

Responsible Tourism

We kindly ask our guests not to hand out money to children in the villages they visit. Should you wish to support any of the villages or temples that you come across, please let us know and we’ll be happy to advise on how to do that responsibly.

Seasons & Temperatures

The dry season is between Nov-Apr with average temperatures of 27°C. The rainy season is between May-Oct with average temperatures of 32°C.

Cruise Rates

Price per Adult
Price per Child
  • Prices are in US Dollars.
  • Free – Infants 3 years and under.