Types of CruiseDurationPrivateMax. Capacity
Guided4hrs – 8hrsYes8

The Mekong is a mighty river that runs through Laos and forms much of the country’s border with Thailand and Myanmar. It is a vital part of life in Laos, and has been a lifeline for the populations that live on its shores, providing a means of transportation, trade, and a rich source of food. With fish being in bountiful supply, fishing is practiced by almost everyone who has convenient access to the Mekong’s waters and it is an integral part of everyday life in Laos. Step into the sandals of local Laotian fishermen and experience using some traditional fishing techniques out on the Mekong.

On this tour, you’ll be guided by local boat captains who have grown up on the Mekong and are experts on the river. There are a variety of fishing techniques that local fishermen use that you can try, from casting nets, to long nets, to traditional fishing rods, to fishing lines. The type of technique used depends on the seasons and flow of the rivers. Learn about these different traditional fishing methods and try your hand at catching some fish – Laos style. Be ready to get wet as you may be knee-deep (or even chest-deep) in water casting nets out into the river. On this Mekong Fishing experience, you’ll get to spend a few casual hours on the river in local Laos style, surrounded by amazing scenery, relaxing amongst friends and having fun with some fishing.

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