Ban Saleuan Village

Ban Saleuan has a warm and friendly atmosphere and we are blessed to have forged such a close relationship with this village. It’s a simple village where time seems to stand still and the likelihood of seeing another ‘falang’ is minimal.

Governed by the seasons, village life is ever-changing. Local villagers can be spotted in the rice fields or attending to their water buffalo. Harvesting lentils, nuts and a variety of other tasty organic produce. Some may be weaving basket while others repairing their fishing nets. Every day is different and one must not forget to go with the flow. “Bpai sa sa” as they say in Lao. (Go slowly).

Lunch w/ Ms. Phai

Make yourselves at home and soak up some local hospitality. Delight in a village lunch with Ms. Phai and you won’t be disappointed. Ms. Phai  keeps a clean home and is a fantastic host. Her lunches are delicious and often prepared with fresh organic produce from the village. Yum!

Trek to Local Caves

A moderate trek leads through rice fields behind the village and up into the jungle forest to the village cave. The cave is small but holds great significance with the villagers. Occupied during the secret war, old Sanskrit writing can be seen on the walls along with old broken Buddhas laid to rest. As you approach the cave there is a steep but manageable climb. The local kids often tag along and are great little guides and lots of fun.

Homestay & Hospitality

Get off the beaten path with an overnight homestay in Ban Saleuan with Ms. Phai. A village where time slows down and you can immerse yourself in the rhythm of local life while enjoying great local hospitality and food.

Helpful Information

Departing from Luang Prabang: 1hr downriver.

Returning to Luang Prabang: 1hr 30m upriver.

Ban Saleuan riverside.

Village exploration & sightseeing.

Lunch with Ms Phai. – Approx. 1.5hr

Local Cave Trek – Approx. 1hr

Local Village Homestay – Overnight

Clean and comfortable local Lao home.

Hygiene conscious kitchen.

Clean local style toilet.

Overnight Homestays – Clean sleeping arrangements & mosquito nets.

Dawn till dusk daily.

Overnight homestays.

Ban Saleuan is located across the river from Ban Sing. A gateway to Kuang Si Waterfalls and other activities.

Kuang Si Waterfalls

Tad Keo Waterfalls