Ban Pak Leung

Ban Pak Leung is Lao Loum village located on the west side of the Mekong, approximately 40-minutes down river. This village is accessible via land or boat. Surely our opinion it is nicer to go by boat. But, really it is. Smiles!

Ban Pak Leung, like so many villages in Laos, still heavily relies on agriculture to feed their families. However, Ban Pak Leung also remains a very active fishing community due to their location on the Mekong. In essence, the shallow banks along the west side of the river that stretch south make this a good fishing area. On most days, you will see fishing activities on the shorelines around this village.

In the past four years, Ban Pak Leung has seen some changes. With a new road and infrastructure being put in place, this little riverside town is growing up.

Ban Pak Leung is also home to Green Jungle Park & Tad Hoi Khua. Here visitors can participate in zip-lining and rope course adventures while taking in the Lao jungle surrounding them. The park offers guided treks to the waterfalls and also host a lovely flower park. Transportation between the boat dock and the park is provided by the park


South of Luang Prabang.

Cruising Time

Departing from LP: 40 mins
Returning to LP: 1hr

Dock Location/Village

Ban Pak Leung

Ban Pak Leung Activities

Green Jungle Park- Zip-lining

Hour of Operation

Dawn till dusk daily.


Public facilities at Green Jungle Park.

Nearby Attractions

Pha Tad Ke – Botanical Gardens
Opening Hours: 8am–6pm daily. Closed on Wednesdays.

Ban Channeua Potter Village͟
Opening Hours: Dawn till dusk daily.

Mekong Eden Farm
Opening Hours: Dawn till dusk daily.