Ban Muang Keo

Ban Muang Keo is a short five-minute cruise upriver from Pak Ou caves and rests on the west side of the river. Ban Muang Keo is a small and predominantly Lao Loum village but also home to a few Khmu families.

The villagers rely mainly on agriculture and fishing. Being geographically positioned near the confluence of the Nam Ou and Mekong rivers, it offers the local fishermen of Ban Muang Keo some prime fishing territory.

Looms line local home fronts in this single street village. You will find women and children selling textiles and small trinkets. Holding true to form of a traditional Lao village, there is no shortage of dogs, ducks, cats, roosters and pigs running around. At the end of the road, sits Ban Munag Keo’s elementary school. To the right, you can see the different style homes of the Khmu families.

There is only one sweet elderly women making Lao Lao whiskey in this village. She works on her loom and makes Lao Lao in between. Bless her. She sets out little shot glasses for anyone wishing to sample her product.

On the whole, Ban Muang Keo offers visitors a chance to experience a local village, see how women weave on their looms and learn how traditional Lao Lao whiskey is made. Visitors can usually enjoy this village without any crowds which can be the case when visiting Ban Xang Hai “Whiskey Village”.


North of Luang Prabang.

Dock Location/Village

Ban Muang Keo

Food for Thought

Some beautifully hand-made textiles are made locally in the village and we certainly support buying directly from the villagers. However, be aware that not all products being sold are manufactured in the village or even come from Laos.

Nearby Attractions

Pak Ou Caves
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm daily.
Ban Pak Ou – Local riverside restaurants
Opening Hours: Mornings to evenings. Daily.
Ban Xang Hai “Whiskey Village”
Opening Hours: Dawn till dusk daily.

Cruising Time

Departing from LP: 2hr 5m
Return from LP: 2hr

Ban Muang Keo Activities

Village exploration & sightseeing.
Weaving Looms & Textiles
Lao Lao Whiskey

Hour of Operation

Dawn till dusk daily.


No public toilet. Only private homes and nature.